Buying a home with a net-metered rooftop solar PV system on Maui

rooftop solar in Wailuku Maui

Are you looking for a home on Maui with “green” energy saving features?

Many homes on Maui come with rooftop solar to help save money on the electric bill.  These Photo-voltaic (PV) systems can be either leased or owned.  The ideal situation for a buyer is when the system is completely owned by the seller, and it can be “net-metered” so the owner gets credit for the extra power produced each day.  The net-metering agreement is between the property owner and Hawaiian Electric, the utility that provides power to our homes and businesses here in Hawaii, and it outlines the terms and conditions for operation and maintenance in order to maintain connection to the power grid.

A new owner will need to submit a form along with supporting documents such as the deed, to start a new agreement with the utility.  It’s really quite simple and then you’re on your way to energy savings!

Learn more about transferring a property with a rooftop solar system HERE.

With the cost of electricity so high in the islands, a good rooftop PV system is a real blessing, and something to look for when shopping for a new home on Maui.

Does a home with green features appeal to you?  Let me help you find a suitable property where you can live and enjoy these benefits.


solar panels on a roof Maui

A rooftop Photo-Voltaic solar system –  Maui HI

green canopy Maui

Are you buying or selling a home on Maui?

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