The truth about the Maui County water meter list

Have you heard about the “water meter list” for upcountry Maui?  It’s a long list of names of people waiting to get a first or even a second water meter for their property.  That precious water meter can make or break it if you want to build a home in a dry area like Kula.  But don’t hold your breath if your name is getting close to the top of the list. Once you get to the top of the list, you may be eligible to get a water meter, but it comes with a catch.  If there are upgrades needed to the main line, it’s going to be up to you to pay for it.  See what these Kula residents had to deal with after waiting for years… Maui News story What does this mean to you?  Don’t put a lot of faith in getting a water meter if there’s no meter already.  Buy vacant land that comes with

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