It’s dragon fruit season at Peahi Dragon Fruit Farm, Haiku Maui

close up pink dragon fruit

Dragon Fruit Plants

The plants are in the cactus family, with large 3-sided stem sections that want to grow up a strong support.  Big creamy white flowers appear at the ends of the stem sections in the summer months, and come out only at night.  Insects pollinate the flowers, which then produce large green roundish fruits that soon ripen into fat pink globes.  When cut open, the fruits are sweet and juicy, and beautiful  to behold.  Inside the flesh is purple or white colored.  They outer skin peels off easily, leaving a lovely juicy center which can be sliced and eaten, or added to drinks and recipes.  It also freezes well for using in smoothies later.

Pitaya is the name of these fruits in Central America, from where the plant originates.  Learn more about Dragon Fruit here.

Growing in Haiku Maui.  These plants came from the Peahi Dragon Fruit Farm, in Peahi, on the Hana Highway.  It’s a new venture growing tropical fruits on about ten acres.  They plan on opening a little “coffee shop/farm stand” once the building is complete, and it’s almost ready.

Watch this short video made at the farm – Dragon Fruit growing at Peahi Dragon Fruit Farm

While you’re out exploring Haiku and the Hana Highway, you might fall in love with this vibrant part of the north shore.  The trade winds bring in fresh cooling air, along with ample rain for growing all kinds of crops.

Peahi neighborhoods – If you’re thinking about real estate in the area, it’s known as Peahi.  Some of the roads here with properties for sale are: West Kuiaha Rd, East Kuiaha Rd, Nahele Rd, Peahi Rd, Hahana Rd, and Oili Rd.  I’m happy to help you with any questions about the neighborhoods and real estate market.


Coming soon – Peahi Farm Stand

They’ll be selling fresh fruit, coffee and smoothies at the soon-to-be-open farm stand on the Hana Highway.

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