The blue marble trees grow in Haiku Maui – Rudraksha beads

blue marbles fruits on hand

Blue Marble Trees

Have you ever seen anything like this?  These bright blue fruits drop from the Blue Marble Tree and fall to the ground where the outer husk rots away and reveals the hard nut in the center.  These muti-faceted and reticulated seeds are known as rudraksha and they are known to have special healing properties that makes them highly sought after.  Many cultures revere these beads and wear them close to the heart.

Find them in Haiku Maui.  These seeds came from Twin Falls Maui, on the north shore, along the famous Road to Hana.  You can go hiking here for free, and search for the sacred tree yourself, and maybe you’ll find some berries or seeds.  You can also find a tree at the Garden of Eden botanical park a little further out the Hana Highway.  A small entry fee is required here to see the beautiful grounds. 

Rudraksha literally translates as “Lord Rudra’s teardrops”.  Learn more about Rudraksha on Wikipedia.

While you’re out exploring Haiku and the north shore, you might fall in love with this rich and lush part of the island.  The rain forest is alive with a great diversity of tropical plants and small creatures.  Much of this side of Maui is pristine and untouched, with vast expanses of untamed jungle stretching from the shore to the higher elevations.  Streams and waterfalls abound.  It’s so sustainable here, that in pre-contact times it was highly populated by Hawaiians living off the land.

Huelo neighborhoods – If you’re thinking about real estate in the area, this part of Haiku is known as Huelo, or even more specifically Honopou.  Some of the roads here with properties for sale are: Honopou Rd, Puniawa Rd, Honokala Rd, Ulalena Loop, Ho’olawa Rd, Waipio Rd, and Door of Faith Rd.  I’m happy to help you with any questions about the neighborhoods and real estate market.


Plant your own rudraksha tree!

Why not try your hand at cultivating these sacred trees.  All it takes is some land and the patience to make it happen.

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  • Hi,
    I am wondering if you can ship some of the fresh seeds so I can plant them here in Canada off course in controlled climate. I can pay you including shipping cost and price of seeds. I am looking for 10 seeds/10 beads. Let me know.

    • Hi Shiva – thanks for asking about the seeds. I don’t have them anymore and I’m not going looking for any. If you come to Maui I can tell you where to find some though.


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