Waipio Bay on Maui’s north shore – just a short video to show the beauty of the region

Waipio Bay longshot 1

Waipio Bay from the air – dramatic oceanfront cliffs.

Along the north shore of Maui, past the beaches of Paia and former pineapple fields of Haiku, you’ll come to the part of the island known as Huelo.  There’s a lot more to it that you can see from the Hana Highway.  This short video will show you what you can’t see by just driving by.

The Hana Highway misses most of the shoreline, which is generally steep with rocky beaches and bays.  A number of streams come down Haleakala mountain, carving valleys and gulches, and empty into the Pacific Ocean.  Roads take on the names of the streams around here.  Historically this lush region was used for commercial agriculture, with sugar cane and pineapples, and cattle ranching.  Over time the big farms gave way to homesteads in this sustainable landscape, as families grew and parcels got divided.  The community embraced the rural lifestyle, and many people chose to go completely off grid, creating their own independent home sites with solar power and batteries.

It’s a real mix of people who live in Huelo, but they all have some things in common: a love of natural beauty; a desire to have lots of open space; a green lifestyle with gardens and fruit trees.  Many large luxury homes are dotted along the tops of the cliffs, with spectacular views.  Simpler houses and cottages can be found up and down the country roads, on lots ranging in size from 2-10 acres or more.  Many unique homes are tucked away to enjoy complete privacy.  Rich folks and poor folks share this area and help each other out.

This is my neighborhood, and we’ve been living here for 30 years.  We built a few homes, and barns, and developed out own small farm where we can grow a lot of our own food.  We know most of our neighbors.  We love our ocean views and fresh air.  It’s a satisfying way to spend the time.  If you’re looking for a new home on Maui maybe I can help you find that special place on Maui’s north shore.

Some roads around here with homes for sale:

  • E. Waipio Rd., W. Waipio Rd.
  • Door of Faith Rd.
  • Ulalena Loop
  • Hoolawa Rd.
  • N. Honokala Rd., S. Honokala Rd.
  • Honopou Rd.
  • Puniawa Rd.

oceanfront door of faith property


Can you imagine living here?

Are you a good fit for Huelo?  Start your search here.

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