What’s happening on Maui with the COVID-19 pandemic situation?

rental cars on maui during the pandemic

What’s happening here on Maui?

Things are changing every day, like elsewhere in the world, so I thought it would be a good idea to post some useful information and links.

From where we are hunkered down, on the north shore, things are more or less as they always were, wild and wet and windy, but once we venture out onto the roads and streets, into the towns, things are looking quite different as of March 25 with the “stay at home” directive now in place.  Traffic is much diminished and feels a lot “like the old days” before we had traffic signals on every corner in Kahului.  There’s plenty of parking in Paia, and not many people on the street, even in the middle of day.  We’re thankful to have some grocery stores and a hardware store in Haiku, so we don’t have to travel far.  The Road to Hana is like a breath of fresh air, since the closure to local traffic only.

That picture above is just a fraction of all the parked rental cars that aren’t on the road or in parking lots right now, and have come to rest near the almost silent airport.   After last year’s record number of tourists on Maui – 13 million – it’s refreshing to see the opposite side of the coin as a reminder of a less crowded landscape where the local residents aren’t outnumbered.   If you’re thinking about visiting Maui or Hawaii now, maybe it’s not such a good idea.  You’ll be required to self isolate for 14 days, and it probably wouldn’t be much fun.

It looks like people here are understanding about the virus, and doing their part to “flatten the curve” and make it safer for everybody.  These are interesting times indeed.

Effective March 25, 2020

The Mayor has announced that we should all stay at home and work from home.

  • stay at home except for essential activities
  • schools closed except for distance learning and essential activities
  • restaurants can only offer take out or delivery services
  • grocery stores remain open, but many shops are closed
  • no public gatherings
  • county parks are closed, but the ocean is still open
  • keep your distance from others
  • violation of the rules is a misdemeanor


Stay at home announcement

Hawaii Dept. of Health

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