Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 feels GREAT! Get your shots on Maui.

Maui Memorial Medical Center hospital

We got the Pfizer shots on Maui! I can’t tell you how good it feels to have both shots, and not have to be so worried about catching the virus.  Here on…

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Paia Maui HI 96779 – July 2020 update and news

rock & brews evening

What’s new in Paia Maui now that things are opening up? July 2020 – Things have progressed quite a lot since I last posted pictures of Paia being…

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Maui luxury home sales during the Covid-19 pandemic – July 2020 update

evening oceanfront Kihei

Are you wondering how the real estate market on Maui is doing in these extraordinary times? When our “lock down” hit us on Maui, near the end of…

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How has the Corona virus affected home and condo sales on Maui?

estate for sale in Kula Maui

Has this COVID-19 pandemic affected real estate sales on Maui? In March, concerns about the virus had caused some listings to cancel, and some escrows to…

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Maui begins to open up after lock down – some retail and malls opening May 11, 2020

target shopping maui

Some stores and retailers can open on Maui now. May 11, 2020 – Mayor Victorino has announced we can get some businesses open and many people can get…

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Maui real estate outlook as we go through the COVID-19 pandemic – May 2020

kamaole beach club condos

What’s happening on Maui in the real estate world? Real estate is a long term market, unlike the stock market, and things take a little more time to…

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Aloha Friday from our Haiku Maui home – we’re staying at home!

SALAD bowl

COVID-19 lock down: Times are different right now in Hawaii and on Maui.  Since March we have been asked (ordered) to stay home and work from home if…

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Paia Maui in the time of Covid-19 pandemic and lock down – picture post

milagros paia pandemic sign

Driving through Paia Maui these days… April 2020 – We are right in the middle of this Corona Virus pandemic, and things are not quite like they…

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What’s happening on Maui with the COVID-19 pandemic situation?

rental cars on maui during the pandemic

What’s happening here on Maui? Things are changing every day, like elsewhere in the world, so I thought it would be a good idea to post some useful…

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