Getting vaccinated against Covid-19 feels GREAT! Get your shots on Maui.

Maui Memorial Medical Center hospital

We got the Pfizer shots on Maui!

I can’t tell you how good it feels to have both shots, and not have to be so worried about catching the virus.  Here on Maui, as seniors we were able to get our appointments starting in March.  Our second shots were in April and we are both done now

The Maui Memorial Medical Center (the hospital) in Wailuku is where they’re having the mass vaccination events for those getting the Pfizer vaccine.  It’s very well organized, with lots of helpful staff inside and out.  Other locations are available, as well as other brands of vaccine.

Here’s how it works… arrive around the time of your appointment and you’ll be handed a clip board with some blanks to fill in while you stand in line – name and age, questions about allergies.  Then you show your ID and go inside the hospital lobby where you show your medical insurance card if you have one, and get assigned to a nurse.  The nurse gets right to it, and jabs your arm and then tells you to go sit for 15 minutes.  You can sit inside or out, and nobody is policing whether or not you stay the full time.

On my first visit, it was right after lunch, so the line got a little long while we waited for everyone to come back from their breaks.  My second visit was super fast and I was in and out of there in 10 minutes or less since there was no line up at all.  So even if you’re early, just get in line and get it over with.  Anyone 16 years old or older is now able to get their shots on Maui.

This is a group effort, and it requires most of us to take part in the vaccination campaign so we can truly get to herd immunity sooner.  Please consider doing your part.

Sign up for a shot on the VAMS website.

getting the covid shot on maui
dispsable face mask

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