Grass fed and pasture raised Maui beef is our favorite

maui cattle scene oceanfront

We love our grass fed Maui beef!

I don’t care what they say, the beef we raise on Maui’s north shore leaves a small footprint.  They are pasture raised and grass fed and that’s really all they get for the first year.  If they weren’t eating the grass, the jungle would soon take over and then the land would not be productive at all.  Once the young ones move closer to us, they get more attention and a little bit of grain to make them tame and friendly, but they still are mostly just eating the grass and forage all day long.

Steer’s Last Ride

Watch a short trailer about loading up the steer and taking him up to the slaughterhouse in Makawao.  This makes it look easy and sometimes it is, but other times it can be quite a challenge.  Every creature is different and not all of them go so willingly.

The steers finish off in this lovely oceanfront setting in the Honokala area of Haiku.  It’s amazing what a year of good grazing will do to plump them up.


Maui raised beef!  That’s what I’m talking about.

I know where it’s coming from and that means a lot.

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