Paia Maui HI 96779 – July 2020 update and news

rock & brews evening

What’s new in Paia Maui now that things are opening up?

July 2020 – Things have progressed quite a lot since I last posted pictures of Paia being boarded up for the most part.  Since then we have allowed many types of businesses to open up.  But just because they can doesn’t mean they will.  Some businesses choose to stay closed, while others have gone out of business completely.  Many of the shops and restaurants in Paia count on the tourist trade to keep them afloat, and there just haven’t been enough tourists to make that happen.

We expect there will be more tourists arriving soon, since the Governor has planned to open up to incoming air travel, without the 14 day quarantine, providing they can show proof of a negative Covid-19 test.  As of today, that might change, due to rising numbers of infections on Oahu, and lack of confidence in the ability to keep it contained.

There’s a big uncontrolled fire burning above Paia, fueled by the dry fallow fields, and fanned by the strong trade winds.  People may have to be evacuated if it keeps up!

PYCC in Paia Maui

Paia Youth & Cultural Center

Mana Foods door monitor

Mana Foods door monitor

SURF board cafe sign


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