Kula Maui market update – summary of 2020 real estate sales

What sold in 2020 – residential homes – Kula Maui 2020 was a unique year for real estate sales, and after a brief pause, homes started selling…

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Kula Maui market update – vacant land listings in Kula I’o development

kula io entrance drive

There’s a lot of vacant land listings for sale in Kula Maui. Former agricultural land is being subdivided, creating new opportunities for builders and…

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New Kula Maui residential listings – February 2020 Realtor Caravan highlights

peach blossoms Kula Maui

Check out some of the new listings in Kula Maui – Upcountry homes for sale Come along and see some of the new residential listings on the market this month. …

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890 Upper Kimo Dr. is Kula Maui’s sweetest old fashioned home on half an acre

890 bird of paradise flower

890 Upper Kimo Dr, Kula Maui HI 96790 This delightful 2 story home with a loft is so charming and cute you’re going to fall in love with it at first…

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Kula Maui January 2020 market update – new listings on Realtor Caravan

driving in lower Kula Maui

What are some of the new listings in Kula Maui? Come along and see some of the new home and land offerings in the new year.  We’ll be going to Kula Kai…

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Buy a home in Kula Maui on half an acre of land

upcountry pastures in Kula Maui

Can you buy a Kula home on half an acre? Yes you can, and there are some nice neighborhoods with half acre lots where you can have a house and cottage.  Some…

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Kula Maui Realtor Caravan February 2019

2623 lower kula views

Highlights of the Upcountry Caravan for February – Kula Maui Every month we have a chance to tour new homes for sale in Kula, with other real estate…

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